About Us

Stronger In Unison is a media/news company established in 2018 with the aim of inspiring and uniting individuals of all backgrounds through the sharing of stories. We are an all-female led family company with the goal to empower young women through journalism as well. Each week we will cover one sociopolitical issue coupled with a Person of the Week, who strives to combat said issue through their own activism. 


Written by Saarah S. 
      Written by Evita K. & Saarah S.





How It Works

Are you an activist? Do you have a passion to fight for social justice and equality? Send a submission with your name and a brief explanation of what you do for a chance to be selected for a Person of the Week interview! Email us at stronger.in.unison@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram @strongerinunison! 

Meet Our Staff

Saarah S. 

Saarah S. is the founder of Stronger In Unison. Saarah has worked as an editor and writer for her high school's publication and is currently a writer for her university's HerCampus branch. Additionally,Saarah S. is passionate about solving the issue of poverty and organizes various clothing and food drives to aid her community. 

Nadia S. 

Nadia S. is the graphic designer for Stronger In Unison. Through out her early life, she displayed a knack for all things art and eventually channeled her passion into graphic design. Nadia S. hopes to expand her wide range of graphic design capabilities through her work with Stronger In Unison.  

Evita K. 

Evita K. is not only the international correspondent for Stronger In Unison but she is also a writer and editor. She has a strong passion for journalism and seeks to write truthful, eye-opening pieces. In the future, Evita hopes to continue her writing career while also adding a personal touch to her pieces.